our 2015 cash envelope system

cash envelopes 2015

if you are a follower of dave ramsey, then you probably know about  the baby steps. baby step #1 is saving up 1k as your starter emergency fund.  baby step #2 is the debt snowball.  we are currently on baby step #2 and with that, we needed to create a budget, stop using credit cards and use all our extra funds to pay down our debt (other than our mortgage) as fast as possible.

back in november 2014, we created our cash envelope system to use for 2015. basically, you try and figure out what you are going to need to spend money on throughout the year and then break it down into 12 and put money in every month.  so far, everything is going pretty well. like i’ve mentioned before, we’ve gone over budget on our food, but i’ve also been known to steal a little money from one envelope to pay for another envelope. i’m trying to stop that!  march is going to be the month for that.

we started using the plain old white envelopes and for some of our sinking funds, we are still using those.  for the categories we dip into more often, i started using the dave ramsey cash envelope system basic wallet that we got with our financial peace university kit. eventually, i think i’d like to get a newer system, but i’ll wait until my envelopes wear out.  my mom is a huge sewer, so maybe she’ll make me one! 🙂

The five envelopes in my dave ramsey wallet are:

food, my blow money, arya’s money, personal (haircuts, etc), and house. (my husband keeps his blow money in his wallet)

the plain, old white envelopes are:

car registration & insurance, car care, birthdays, christmas, amazon prime, shutterfly (for annual photo book), vacation, date night (new as of this month), & clothing.

there is one category that I’m not sure how to handle yet. every once in a while, i have to buy something for work and i get reimbursed as soon as submit my receipts.  its usually not more than $20 or so, so i usually just use the debit card and then deposit the check back into our account when i get it.  it hasn’t been an issue yet, so i’ll probably keep doing it that way.

i’m interested to see how everyone uses the cash envelope system! what categories do you have?