beautiful family photos on the cheap



compulsion took over me a couple weeks ago and after i saw an ad for a new photographer doing mini sessions for $30, i emailed her right away. i mean, i love when a good deal comes along, but now that we’re on our budget it’s hard to enjoy it when we haven’t set money aside for it.








when we moved to our new place, i joined several facebook groups relating to our area. that’s how i found out about the wild poppies.  they were great and really friendly.

after some thought of how to pay for it, i did some finagling and pulled out $30 from our shutterfly envelope. shutterfly deals with photography, so i thought that would be most appropriate. i also wouldn’t need the money for shutterfly for a while, so i’d have time to recoup the fund. i didn’t want to use our debit card, if possible, because i’d forecasted through the end of april and we don’t have that much of a cushion and i really didn’t want to use our emergency fund.

we decided to stick near our new place and had the photos taken at dog beach in ocean beach (san diego), ca. poor arya wouldn’t look at the camera and just wanted to run off the whole time, but the photographers were able to get some good photos regardless.  since it was only $30, we got high resolution prints that we can print off ourselves.  i may print one out to frame, but for sure they will go into our annual photo book.

we also got some good photos on our own that i’ve been posted to instagram the last couple of days.

so it pays to join local facebook groups to find good deals, but it would also pay to have a fund for these unexpected (or is it expected…) expenses.

what have you have saved money on that usually expensive?