Meal Plan Round-Up 1

meal plan round up 1

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Hey everyone!  Who loves looking at recipes online when you meal plan?  I know I do.  What I don’t really like is how difficult they are to make or how expensive the ingredients are.

This is where the Meal Plan Round-Up will hopefully help you!  Each week, I’ll present a collection of recipes from the internet that you can make that week or that you can bookmark for later use.  I promise they are winners in our family and won’t break the bank.

I’m starting out with a bang!  We LOVE these recipes.  They are easy to make and have great flavor.  The win for versatility goes definitely to Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken. We had it over rice one night, then tacos for lunch and then quesadillas for another.

For the favorite among us grownups, it goes to One Pot Spicy Thai Noodles.  To make that one faster, ditch the one pot. That’s what I do.  I also make it with whatever veggies I have on hand.  I add in protein if I have it and I use that ground ginger that sits in your pantry all year long until Thanksgiving comes around.

One Pot Spicy Thai Noodles



Barbie’s Tuna Salad



Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken



Haluski + Kielbasa




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