what i would tell my 22 year old self

what i would tell

when i graduated college, i was 22. i didn’t have a ton of debt as compared to now ($40K vs. $290K), but as i mentioned before, if we had just followed the principles we are following now, my family and i would be in a MUCH different, and I know, better place than we are now.

i know i have some younger readers, so pay attention! i’m writing to you here at 31 and telling you things that would have made my life SO much better had I follow some, if not all of these.

this is what i would tell my 22 year old self:
– make a budget
– actually stick to the budget
– have savings goals (debt snowball, car fund, house fund, wedding fund, honeymoon fund)
– elope or have a super small wedding and have a honeymoon instead
– get a better paying job faster
– take more photos
– pay my student loan debt faster
– save 20% for a down payment, don’t borrow it
– have a capsule wardrobe
– learn to make recipes that you love to make and love to eat
– enjoy your time with your significant other, especially before having kids

what would you tell your 22 year old self? i’d love to hear!

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