current monthly budget

i’m about to get really transparent!  i’m excited to share our budget, as i’m almost constantly thinking about it! once our debt is paid off, i wonder what i’m going to think about…i look forward to that time.

i know this isn’t perfect yet and it’s still pretty cushy.  soon, i think i’ll have a comparison of what could go to debt if we stripped the budget even further.

also, i should mention that we haven’t ever got this budget right so far and we’ve been doing this since november 2014…we’ve always overspent most of our categories, but i know we can fit within them, so we need to keep trying.

net income: $6599.17 with 4 paycheck total.

total expenses: $4614.41

anticipated debt paydown: $1983.76

expense breakdown:

mortgage, insurance & taxes: $1471.42

HOA: $250, this includes water, trash, recycle, outside maintenance, roof maintenance, pest control and landscaping.

gas/electric: $50. we live in southern california, no need for air conditioning or heat, except for about 4 weeks a year.  we just battle through those relatively hot or cold times.

phone: $25, neil has a prepaid phone for $25 a month and i use google voice for free.

internet: $47.99

gym:  $35, two memberships and childcare included. neil uses it often, i haven’t used it since december 2014, but the childcare is great for us both to get a break.

compassion international: $38

groceries: $400

gas: $200

fun money: $200, i mostly use this for eating out at lunch time and starbucks…this needs to change and i am getting better.

arya: $40, mostly for diapers, wipes, clothes and snacks/toys

hygiene: $30 for haircuts, waxing, barber shop, soap, etc

date night: $25, this is new

clothing: $50, this is newer

house: $200

misc: $100, this is new

christmas: $45

birthday/holiday: $35

car care: $300

car insurance: $50

car registration: $25

shutterfly: $10

amazon prime: $10

travel: $250

sports equipment: $20, neil wants a beach cruiser and kayaks

technology: $20, i want a color printer and neil wants a smartphone, i also think i want an iPad.

daycare: about $400

preschool: $288





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