meal plan :: sunday-saturday #2

last week went ok.  i made most of the meals in our meal plan, however almost none of them were on the days i said we would eat them.  so, this week, i’m going to list the meals that way i’m not tied down to a specific one each day.  hopefully, it will still make me think i have a choice for what to eat for dinner!

we ran out of fresh veggies too soon last week, so i need to stock up.  we’ve been steaming most of our veggies since my mom gave us her steamer that i remember having when i was a kid. i absolutely love using to get our veggies ready. the bowl is cracked and it’s definitely old, but i’ll keep using it until it doesn’t work anymore!

i’m going to attempt to make the bulk of our meal plan from what we have in our pantry, fridge and freezer this week.  i had some expenses from work that i pulled money out of the food budget.  i’ll get reimbursed and could put the money back in the food budget, but i’m going to see if maybe we can just set it aside for our debt snowball instead.

here’s our meals for this week:

tuna noodle casserole (make ahead)

baked potatoes


soup and bread

crockpot fried rice with shrimp


steak tacos

for breakfast, we’ll have a mix of bean burritos, hash brown bakes and oatmeal.

for lunches, we’ll either have leftovers, peanut butter and jelly, or sandwiches.


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